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Our Farm

In the Williams family since 1880, now being worked by the third and fourth generation.

Port Quin Farm Holidays is the collective name we have given to the two farms and our holiday accommodation. Scarrabine Farm has been in the Williams family since around 1880 and is now being farmed by the third and fourth generations, Trewint Farm was added to Scarrabine Farm around 40 years ago and now this together with other smaller land purchase over the years is what makes up the 360 acres we now farm from Trelights village out to the sea above Port Quin bay.

We farm a mixture of sheep, cattle and crops. We try and use native breeds which are sustainably reared on grass, with some of our barley and oats to add protein to their diet. We rotate our crops in the traditional way that has been practised here for hundreds of years.

The current Farm team is John Williams at the helm alongside Mark Williams. Sam helps sometimes but is normally busy with cottage bookings or running Cornish Coast adventures.

When things get busy, several members of the family will be roped in to help on the farm!

If holiday guests are interested in the farm, we will try and run a tour but this does depend on how busy we are. Whatever the time of year you visit our cottages there will be something interesting going on in the fields around the cottages. The modern farm buildings are all well away from the holiday properties, but the fields are always well stocked with Sheep, cattle, crops and the odd tractor!

Trewint Farmhouse and cottages looking down towards Port Quin harbour and our farmland
Mark williams age 5 moving sheep through Port Quin with a trusty bag of sweets and a stick!

The Farming Calendar

January/FebruaryOur busiest time with Lambing of the main flock
March/AprilAlso very busy with sowing the spring crops ongoing stock feeding and the lambing of the 2nd flock of 200 younger females.
May/JuneWe start to sell the lambs, shear all the sheep and also get the silage and hay crops in for the following winter. We also try and calve our cows at this time of year to coincide with the best grass.
July/AugustHarvest time on the farm with the Oats and Barley being combined and brought in with the straw for the winter. This is also the time the Rams go back in with the Ewes to start the lambing cycle off once more!
September/OctoberHarvest is finished and maintenance and general stock work is carried out, also the winter crops are now sown.
November/DecemberStarts off nice and quiet, but then gets very busy housing the cattle and preparing for the lambing once more.